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The New Way Of Housing – Executive Condominiums

These executive condos are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. The first executive condominium was built in 1994. They look a lot like private condominiums, but they are somewhere in the middle of public and private housing. Visit this site Altura EC showflat.

Usually, they are gated compounds with security. Another thing to note about executive condominiums, is that there are many amenities available for the residents. This includes things like playgrounds. clubhouses. and swimming pool. Various private builders are known to build the executive condominiums.

Their construction costs are much lower because of the encouragement from government. Land prices are subsidised by the government. CPF or Central Provident Fund Grants are available to buyers who wish to purchase executive condominiums.

The HBD executive condos also have regulations similar to those which apply to other HBD flats. In terms of ownership, there are several limitations and restrictions. This condominium must have a minimum of five years’ occupancy. This first period is when the condominiums can be sold and rented in full. After this period, citizens and permanent residents may purchase the property. After the first ten-year period, it is possible for foreigners to buy.

In different areas, there are many executive condominiums. Developers tend to be well-known. There are different types of blocks that contain hundreds of homes and units. Most of the time, these establishments cover a lot of land and provide space for multiple family-related activities.