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Healing Meditation

In a healing meditation you can make yourself whole in mind, body and spirit. Your life becomes less stressful and you feel more at peace. It is no longer a source of discomfort or disease. The most important thing is that you feel satisfied. Click http://yourhighesttruth.com to read more.

Healing meditations can be performed in many different ways. The best way to learn is to ask a practitioner or listen to the downloads on videos, CDs etc.

What you’re looking to heal in your own body will determine the type of meditation that you use. It is possible to meditate to cure physical ailments, emotional problems, your entire body or gather healing energy in order to heal another person.

Some examples are listed below:

The sound of a mantra or chant is used in this type meditation to produce energetic vibrations which stimulate and help strengthen cells. The practice is also thought to lead to spiritual growth and development.

AH is the most common sound used in all meditations. The sound that is most often used in this type of meditation comes from the word Amen or Ohm. By creating this sound, instead of just listening to AH or Amen, we can reach a level of consciousness within ourselves that is deeply spiritual.

Organ Cleansing: It’s a type of meditation which focuses on cleansing the internal organs. These include the liver, kidneys and heart. By using this technique, you can remove unwanted energy, navigate the spirit realms more easily and maintain a clear sense of function. The meditation will allow you to concentrate not just on your organs but on their strengthening as well.