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Play with Photos and Puzzles

To date, it was impossible to create a unique, memorable and meaningful item that combined both interests.

Now you can send your favourite photos to web-based services Jigsaw2order that can arrange them and put them together on a puzzle that has real pieces. The photo montage, or collage puzzles as they’re also called, is a jigsaw that you can enjoy assembling more than any other kind of puzzle because it allows you to see your whole life in one place.

For your puzzles you can select any theme or type of images, including:

Families photos
Photographs of children
Photo of pets
Photographs of the workplace
The photo story of someone from their childhood up to adulthood
Funny and cheeky Photos
your professional photography portfolio

It is easy to see that there are many possibilities with photo collages. A collection of images can be sent to be arranged into an image collage. This is then printed as a photograph.

The Photo Collage Puzzle
Give them as gifts as it is a unique idea. Photo puzzles make great gifts for:

This retiree
The anniversary gift for your parents
A birthday that is iconic, such as someone’s 50th, 21st or another milestone.
The New Mother
You can also get married
Buy Christmas gifts
One who leaves to travel overseas for a prolonged period

A puzzle photo collage is a thoughtful gift that will be treasured and appreciated in many situations. This collage could be made to show the recipient’s life. Also, you can add a message to the collage or even a poem. It will take the first time you put the puzzle together to reveal all the lovely words, images and surprises that will be given as a gift.

Thanks to the photo collage puzzles, it’s easy to have fun while playing with your photos. Simply locating your favourite photos, and using them as part of the collage will make a great gift. A collage is something that can last a lifetime and give you countless happy memories.