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Post Plastic Surgery Depression And How To Manage It!

Many people feel better after best plastic surgery, but the results and recovery can cause depression in some patients. Surgery can only contour and shape your body. It cannot provide perfection. Post Plastic Surgery depression is a common problem that can arise after surgery. Post Surgery Depression occurs when patients’ expectations for their procedure aren’t met. Patients may have high expectations for their surgery and not realize the long recovery period. Side effects after surgery include swelling, bruises, and bleeding. For a few days, the doctor may recommend medication and low impact exercise. Some people can become stressed by the results and their anticipation. It is possible that the patient’s expectations from family, friends and society may not be met, causing depression.

If a person withdraws from social life and ignores their personal lives after surgery, it could be post plastic surgery depressive disorder. Patients with post surgery depression may be prescribed medication and counseling. Usually, patients stop feeling depressed once the healing process is complete. However, if this continues or worsens your doctor may recommend you consult a therapist. It can take a year to recover from surgery depending on how it was done. Some patients will heal quicker or experience less discomfort than others. Recovery depends on the individual patient. It is necessary to have follow-ups with the surgeon in order to monitor progress.

Before undergoing surgery, be truthful with yourself. Doctors screen their patients and will ask them about their health history in order to determine whether you’re a plastic surgery candidate. Some people with depression and other health issues are not good candidates. Plastic surgery is best suited to people with realistic expectations, a positive sense of themselves and good health. Plastic surgery has the potential to transform your life. But it should only be used for one area of your body. You must realize that you are not alone in feeling this way. There are thousands who have undergone plastic surgery and feel the “after effect” on both their physical body as well as in their mind. Find a group that shares similar interests and experiences. It can also be a great way to help you better understand yourself and your thoughts. Being social always helps. Take time to relax and pamper yourself.