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What are the different types of window blinds?

The materials and colours of blinds are endless. Today’s blinds are used for privacy, blocking out sunlight and preventing heat loss during winter. Visit window treatments port st lucie before reading this.

The ancients also used blinds for their windows. Although their form is different, the function of each blind remains the same.

In the desert, people cover their window with a wet cloth. They used the wetcloths to cool their house and stop sunlight entering. Ancient Egyptians used blinds so they could not be seen by others.

Chinese blinds are made from bamboos while Egyptians make use of reeds. Bamboos still are being used in blinds. The bamboo is common in Asian countries.

Venetian shades are believed to be Persian. Venetian traders traveling to Paris and Venice brought the Venetian blinds. The Venetian blinds are therefore credited to these 2 countries.

Fabric strips were used to hang Venetian shades in the 1950s. Fabric strips regulate the raising, lowering, and tilting the metal blinds.

They were also known to be noisier and have a lesser aesthetic appeal. It was in the 80’s when the metal slats gave way to vinyl slats of one inch width. Vinyl slats are easier to produce than metal slats and have become the preferred choice in window blinds.

Window blinds come in many varieties. This allows you to choose the right window blinds for your home, office or other space.

Bamboo Blinds
Blinds made with bamboos that are also woven using reeds, grasses and other natural fibers. Any room will feel more relaxing with this blind.

The best choice for your home, or even office, is bamboo blinds. Bamboo blinds have many advantages, including being easy to install, durable and environmentally friendly.